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Curug Orok Curug Orok is one of the popular place listed under Landmark in Garut ,

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Baby Waterfall is a natural waterfall located in Cikandang village, Cikajang, Garut Regency, Province of West Java, IndonesiaHistoryThe waterfall is named Curug Orok because historically in 1968 there was a young woman threw away her baby from the top of waterfall. Another reason of naming it is because it has 2 waterfalls, the high one symbolizes the mother and the small one symbolizes the baby.GeographyAdministrative borders and the accessAdministrative borders of Curug Orok are: North : Mount Papandayan South : Mount Geder West : Cikandang Village East : Pamulihan SubdistrictThe distance to the area from Cikajang subdistrict is about 5 km, whereas from the capital of Garut Regency is 31 km.

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