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Sam Ratulangi International Airport, also known as Manado International Airport, is located in North Sulawesi, northeast of Manado. The airport is named after the Minahasan educator and independence hero Sam Ratulangi. It is designated as one of the 11 main entry ports to Indonesia by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Indonesia and serves as the main gateway to the Bunaken National Marine Park. It is currently the hub of Lion Air/Wings Air for the northeastern part of Indonesia and is one of the focus cities of Garuda Indonesia and Citilink. It is served by international airlines.HistorySam Ratulangi Airport was originally built by the Japanese in 1942 with a runway length of 700 meters and width of 23 meters and it was named Airfield Mapanget. When the upheaval People's Movement (PERMESTA), Central Army troops renamed this airport as Air Field Tugiman, to commemorate a soldier Sergeant Major Tugiman who died while fighting on Mapanget.The airport was renamed to Airfield Mapanget because its existence at that time in Wanua Mapanget, Onderdistik Tatelu. Over time, there was a change in the mention of this airport into Airfield A. A. Maramis, as it was used as the name of the highway from the airport to Manado.Finally, to commemorate the National Hero of Indonesia from Minahasa - North Sulawesi (Sulawesi) called Dr. Saul Grunt Jacob Samuel Ratulangi, this airport by government was named Sam Ratulangi Airfield later known until recently as the Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado.

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